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A Celebration of Crossroads
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The Colourful '70's: 2

Four stills from the early colour episodes.


The poison dwarf cleaner, Amy Turtle being served by Sandra Gould. The other old bat is housekeeper Vi Blundell. As the bar held only two people, the restaurant had two tables...


The eminently fanciable Diane Lawton with long time boyfriend the dull as dishwater postman, Vince Parker.


Sandy Richardson gets the heartbreaking news - his contract's been renewed. Sandy had one of the best storylines where he fell in love with a girl with a brain tumour. She died then came back a few weeks later as her twin sister...


The Magnificent Meg in full flow - "People always say life must go on - I'm asking why!" Then David just pouts and shrugs his padded shoulders in reply! Priceless. Note low camera angle for added drama!