A Celebration of Crossroads
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Fourth DVD Release date for CROSSROADS :  9th July 2007


After nicking one of the screen grabs from "The Colourful 70's" for their menu on their first disc (naughty, but I forgive them), Network presents in all its glory, the fourth volume of Crossroads, including episodes released on DVD for the very first time. Meg and Sandy Richardson, Benny Hawkins, Adam Chance, Shughie McFee - the names still strike a chord in the memories with a generation of people who sat, entranched, watching the latest escapades of the staff and customers of Crossroads motel.

Unrepeated for many years, the general perception of Crossroads is coloured by that of Acorn Antiques (currently playing as a hugely successful musical at the Haymarket starring Victoria Wood and Julie Walters). Whilst most people believe that it is pastiche, it is actually a stunningly-realised and terribly subtle homage to the original Crossroads. If you love Acorn Antiques then you're sure to love this DVD, which holds a further twelve of the best episodes from the 60's and 70's.

Technical Details
Actors Noele Gordon ; Tony Adams ; Sally Adcock ; Ronald Allen ; Annette Andre ; Joy Andrews ; Paul Ashe ; Al Hunter Ashton ; Vincent Ball
Certificate PG
Screen Fullscreen 4:3
Languages English - Dolby (1.0) Mono
Duration 3 hours 45 minutes (approx)

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" Incredibly detailed homage to the show from its very early days to its modern incarnation. With stills galore, and even details of singles released by the cast. Highly recommended. " - Lycos

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