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A Celebration of Crossroads


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What's New!


Hello, my lovely friends!

This has to be my favourite Crossroads photo. It really sums up the programme. It was taken to celebrate the visit of the old queen in the middle (and I don't mean Meg) to the programme, but if you look, there's nothing in the glasses! And if you look again, the people on the right don't even have any glasses! "Just act as if you have, loves, Joe Public never clocks a damn thing..."

Update 3 for the holiday weekend consists of three new "Colourful 70's pages", second instalment of "Crossroads - A New Beginning", "Born With A Smile On My Face" is in "Top Of The Pops", there are two new Real Media clips from the 60's in "The Video Vault", and there's a new page "Mr Lovejoy's Kitchen" with recipes from the show's creators. (No, really!) I know lot's of you out there can't wait to wrap your laughing gear around a Sailor's Duff... And you can win the book it came from in our first free lucky dip! But where's the recipe for Black Forest Gateux?

Quick thanks to Kenny for solving identities in the photopages. By the way, next update "What's New?" will be under the flash movie on the home page so scroll down or you'll miss me!