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A Celebration of Crossroads
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Mr Lovejoy's Kitchen


In 1977, Hazel Adair & Peter Ling, the originators of Crossroads, published for some inexplicable reason, "The Crossroads Cookbook". In it were 52 "menu's", one for each week of the year, each dish of which was superceded by some reference to a Crossroads character - e.g. " When Meg Richardson went out to Tunisia to organise the opening of a hotel, she was fascinated not only by the beautiful beaches and the mysterious markets but also by Tunisia's national cuisine. Here is a dish she particularly enjoyed..." The words "cashing" and "in" spring to mind...

Here are a few of the more eye-catching recipes.

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You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to view these recipes, which can be downloaded free if you click on this link:

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